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The Wine Spies


The Wine Spies

Wine based ecommerce engine.

From 2012 to 2015 I developed software for this wine ecommerce company.

  • Made all technical and architectural decisions for all initiatives and features.
  • Launched a modernized ground up repalcement for the existing aging website.
  • Successfully integrated our sales platform with promotional partners, each with very specific needs.
  • Integrated our backend with various business services from email marketing to logistics and warehousing.
  • Created dashboards for analyzing business growth opportunities.
  • Designed extensive financial reporting for the requirement of a publicly traded company.
  • Created a state compliance engine to deal with the complex problem of alcohol shipping laws that are vastly different state to state.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript

non-technical responsibilities:

  • Advised on the value of business opportunities.
  • Analyzing business metrics.
  • Refining processes in logistics and operations.
  • Assisted in planning out the operational tasks and requirements for new initiatives.